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the Goal
Universal Design is about creating an attractive, stylish home that everyone
regardless of age, size, or ability, can live in and visit.
This architecture is making a home easy to live in now and the future.
As needs and abilities change so can this home.
"the Features"
The goal of Universal Design is simplicity and functionality.
Single floor living is the typical plan.  
Plans have wide halls, larger door openings.
Larger windows are added for natural light plus traffic patterns are well lite.
Most of these additions  are subtle and blend seamlessly with traditional home decor.
Planning for these changes during construction is quite easy and involves minimal expense.
"the Application "
Universal Design is the architectural basis for the Aging-In-Place Home.
"the Aging-In-Place Home"
The objective of the "Aging-In-Place" home is to let those who wish live most of their life in one home.
These homes are built with special features to be adapted as needs change.
And this concept is not generation specific.
The emphasis is to make living in this home easy for everyone.
"the Retirement Solution"
The "Aging-In-Place" home and retirement are matched perfectly.
Living areas are spacious and afford privacy with split living plans.
Add in the unique architectural features and you have
Living Made Easy.

                               The economics of retirement work in our home.                                         
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